Get "lucky" with Lucky Duck Cabernet

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Last Friday I took a chance on a wine that is gaining popularity because of the fun label "Lucky Duck" and the $3.00 price tag. Obviously, to sustain the sales the wine has got to be one step above tolerable. I thought I would put the BlindWine scoring methods to the test. The following are the scores.

Clarity (0-5) - 3
The clarity is a very deep red with very little cloudiness. It is a full bodied cabernet. I gave it an average score of 3 points for clarity.
Aroma (0-10) - 6
The nose on this wine has a very rich, cherry aroma with hints of blackberries.
Taste (0-15) - 10
The wine features delicious cherry and blackberry fruit flavors and soft tannins. Lucky Duck scores a 10 in the taste category.
Finish (0-5) - 3
The finish was a little weak. Although, the flavor was nice it didn't last very long.

Lucky Duck scores a respectable 23 out of 35 points on the BlindWine score card. This is a bottle of wine that I would love to bring to a BlindWine party. My guess is that I could possibly wine the gold medal with the Duck! I also feel that for $3.00 a bottle Lucky Duck should be a wine to add to the cellar for everyday drinking wine. It is a good Chilean wine priced well.

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